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Ursula Laughton

Ursula Laughton is a business owner, a Soul Coach® and Lifeline Technique® Practitioner. 

Ursula enjoys listening to the messages of the Divine Mind and sharing these messages. Her intention is to inspire others to live to their full potential and to discover the truth of who they are.

Ursula is very aware of life's challenges and has developed constructive ways to rise above and grow beyond the darkest times. We are all unique, yet there are principles of life that are common to all of us, and when abided by, can create obvious miracles.

With the help of the Divine Mind, she has been able to discover and put into practice these principles to personally experience incredible outcomes. She has teamed up with some truly soulful coaches who hold the same intentions to see their clients thrive.

Everyone deserves to live their best life. With the right tools, wisdom and support, this higher experience of life is absolutely possible.

0407 714 727

Ursula Laughton
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