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Mathew Laughton

Personal Trainer - weight loss, muscle gain, athlete based training

Coaching to Mathew is about helping his clients achieve their personal goals; by giving them the information and tools they need to succeed. Mathew wants to help each person he works with understand how their body works and how to best move so that they can strengthen, progress in their fitness and excel in their sporting goals.

Mathew's goal is to enrich his clients with the knowledge they need to look after themselves, even after they have moved on from my training. 

Book in for a free consultation and assessment to discuss your goals. 

Mathew may not know everything but he does have the motivation to learn so if something comes up such as an injury, etc. that he is unsure about he will find out and understand how to help you.


Matt is patient and kind and really took the time to explain and make sure I felt comfortable about what I was doing. He is also energetic and fun and I look forward to every training session. Pete

0481 753 243

Mathew Laughton
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