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Katrina Heuskes

TRUE STORY - Regardless of how your body, life or relationships are showing up for you right now, YOU are your greatest healer! In all that you may be experiencing thank you for consciously and bravely navigating your way to my profile page.

Katrina is here to support you.

The LifeLine Technique® began as a personal journey for Katrina's family in 2009. Katrina was curious about how to process sub conscious emotions and wholistic alternative ways to shift energy. The integrative healing and profound transformational shifts that occurred instantaneously for her meant that by 2010 she had Certified as a LifeLine Technique Practitioner and have been supporting and guiding hearts to their trueself ever since. 

Katrina wears various hats as a Woman on the planet but being a CLP is really a “loving”. Many of her clients have gone on to study The LifeLine Technique® for themselves and a number have become practitioners in their own right. One thing she know for certain is that regardless of experiencing sessions with her remotely or in person, the essence her clients all have in common is a desire to live a conscious life of heart based intention. This Katrina humbly respects. 

Please reach out to Katrina if you have any more questions and would like to connect for a session.

~ Infinite Love and Gratitude ~ 

0413 086 803

Katrina Heuskes
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