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The Practitioners listed on this website come highly recommended and are all open hearted, dedicated and genuinely wish to support you on the path to living your best life. Read through their profiles and make contact with the coach you feel would be your best fit. If you are unsure please email Ursula at and she will assist you to connect with the coach that most suits your needs.

A Coach strives to empower their clients with tools and strategies that enhance their lives and lead to the most wonderful experiences ever thought possible. In the face of adversity, we have an opportunity to prove that our spirit is great. The landscape of our internal world directly influences our experiences in the external world. Taking the time to get to know, and alter the way we think, feel, breathe and behave essentially determines how much happiness we experience.

A coach, whether Soul Coach®, Spiritual Coach, Mind Coach, Life Coach or Physical Fitness Coach can be just the support and encouragement you need to start on the path of your very best life.

Scroll through our list of wonderful coaches who can walk with you on this journey called life.

Louise Luke

URSULA Laughton – In Divine Mind

  • Soul Coach®
  • Certified Lifeline Technique® Practitioner

What Coaching means to you:

Ursula Laughton is a Soul Coach® and Lifeline Technique Practitioner®. She has dedicated her life to listening to the messages of the Divine Mind and sharing these messages with whomever has been open to listen. Her intention is to inspire others to live the truth of who they are. Ursula is a grounded individual who’s aim is to discern between truth and illusion. With the help of the Divine Mind she has been able to discover and understand the nature of truth and the consequence it has on the reality in which we live and experience.


Location : Illawarra

Phone 0407 714 727

Rate: $90 per hour.  online or in person

Louise Luke

LOUISE Luke – Inner Mind Shift

  • Life / Mind Coach & Mentor
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Cultures of thinking Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
  • Music Educator (B.Mus.Ed

What Coaching means to you:

As an experienced Educator, I  have spent the past few years specialising in Wellbeing and Mental health of, not only young people, but of parents and adults.

Coaching people through life’s challenges is a privilege, and I love seeing others celebrate achievements. If I can in some way assist others’ successes, I am blessed.


“Louise has a caring attitude, she encouraged me to connect with myself and believe I could achieve a better outcome. I have gained confidence in myself, and I am enjoying life. ”  Ella Williams

Phone 0425 805 262


Rate: $85 per hour.

Louise Luke

CHRIS Luke – Inner Mind Shift

  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • NLP practitioner
  • Nuro Relationship Therapy
  • Life Coach +Spiritual Life Coach
  • Reiki Master
What Coaching means to you:

As an experienced Practitioner, I enjoy connecting with people, and encouraging them to find solutions to help them overcome and issues they feel are holding them back from living into their amazing potential.


“I have seen Chris only a few times, and WOW! the sessions were so focused that my troubles just disappeared. I can only speak highly of him and his professionalism”.  Rachel Willis

Phone 04880 32328


Rate: $85 per hour

Louise Luke

MICHELLE Springett – Expressive Art Therapist

  • Expressive Art Therapist
  • Life Mind Coach
  • Mentor
  • HHDip (Adv.A.Th.)

What Coaching means to you:

For as long as I can recall, people feel comfortable sharing their adventures and life’s journey with me, whether it be their darkest secrets, their fears, or their triumphs and joys. Now 50+, I love learning and helping others.

Most of my life I have helped small business owners with their marketing and graphic design, then I took a detour into something quite different – I trained as a Funeral Director.  Connecting with families in their darkest hour was a blessing, however I felt helpless that there was nothing I could do for them ongoing, they were left to manage on their own.  So into Life Coaching I trained and soon discovered that words do not come easy for many people.  Most of us find it difficult to convey our true feelings in words and that is where art came in. Art Therapy shows us many ways that our connection with art can represent our feelings and emotions, a true way of expression.


Michelle’s kindness is infectious. Her life tips and therapeutic style is soft and warm.  I love the artwork I created as it resembles a time in my life I want to cherish.  Gail.
Book a free 15 minute call with Michelle – click here

Phone 0411 417 363


Rates: $90 per hour. Online or in person

Louise Luke

KATRINA Heuskes – The LifeLine Technique®

  • Certified LifeLine Technique® Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Mentor

What Coaching means to you:

TRUE STORY | Regardless of how your body, life or relationships are showing up for you right now, YOU are your greatest healer! In all that you may be experiencing thank you for consciously and bravely navigating your way to my profile page. My name is Katrina and I am here to support you.

The LifeLine Technique® began as a personal journey for my family and I in 2009. I was curious about how to process sub conscious emotions and wholistic alternative ways to shift energy. The integrative healing and profound transformational shifts that occurred instantaneously for me meant that by 2010 I had Certified as a LifeLine Technique Practitioner and have been supporting and guiding hearts to their trueself ever since.

I wear various hats as a Woman on the planet but being a CLP is really for me a “loving”. Many of my clients both in Australia and Internationally have gone on to study The LifeLine Technique® for themselves and a number have become practitioners in their own right. One thing I know for certain is that regardless of experiencing sessions with me remotely or in person, the essence my clients all have in common is a desire to live a conscious life of heart based intention. This I humbly respect.

Please reach out to me if you have any more questions and would like to connect for a session.
~ Infinite Love and Gratitude ~



Phone 0413 086 803

Rates: $130 per hour.

Louise Luke

MATHEW Laughton – InsideOut Health and Fitness

  • Personal Trainer (Fitness Cert III & IV)
  • Athlete Training
  • Physical Self Mentor

What Coaching means to you:

– Personal Trainer – weight loss, muscle gain, athlete based training
– Coaching to me is about helping my clients achieve their personal goals; by giving them the information and tools they need to succeed. I want to help each person I work with understand how their body works and how best to move so that they can strengthen, progress in their fitness and excel in their sporting goals. My goal is to enrich them with the knowledge they need to look after them self, even after they have moved on from my training.
Come in for a free consultation and assessment to discuss your goals.
I do not know everything but I do have the motivation to learn so if something comes up such as an injury, etc. that I am unsure about I will be sure to find out and understand how to help you.
Location:   4 Ritchie Place, Minnamurra NSW


Matt is patient and kind and really took the time to explain and make sure I felt comfortable about what I was doing. He is also energetic and fun and I look forward to every training session. Pete

Phone: 0481 753 243


This site is dedicated to sharing the messages of the Divine Mind and to inspire an awareness of the power that innately resides within each of us. Every Human Being on earth is sewn into the fabric of the great Divine and the Intelligence that is forever committed to the perfection of this fabric is the Divine Mind.

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