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So, what is the Lifeline Technique®?

The Lifeline Technique® is an extraordinary technology incorporating 14 healing modalities and uses muscle testing to create a conversation with the Subconscious mind.

The Lifeline Technique® is a tool to rewrite the human thought system of the mind. This thought system, known as the subconscious mind, governs our experience of this reality and is currently projecting to us a reality of pain and struggle. The Lifeline Technique® offers us an opportunity to evolve this thought system using the pure intention of love. It provides understanding and thus forgiveness, which in turn inspires gratitude. When we embody gratitude, we can move forward with a sense of empowerment – this empowerment aligns us with the thought system of God – the Divine Mind.

The subconscious mind was originally designed by the Divine perfection to accumulate a memory bank of information while we learned to be a part of the physical world. We would accumulate knowledge through the senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, so we could identify where to find food, shelter and water. With each new day we introduced more and more information into this memory bank to survive and thrive with the natural world. As we built upon our knowledge, we could identify the rhythms of the natural world, the seasons and cycles, the particular environment to find nourishment, and a collection of insights that were passed from generation to generation.

As civilisation progressed and the thirst for ‘more’ was initiated, the subconscious mind was exposed to more and more complex situations. Instead of collecting knowledge for guidance and protection in the natural world, it began to protect us from the natural world and from each other. The harmony of ‘all that was’, was impaired, and the fight, flight and freeze mechanism became the ruler of the subconscious programs. The mind began to search out danger due to the layers of protection accumulated over eons. Rather than simply a record of knowledge regarding nature’s rhythms and our interactions with it, it became the guard-at-the-gate. Rather than adjusting to survive and thrive, we developed defence mechanisms (reactions) that have created greater separation between each other and more toxicity for us to navigate.

The guard-at-the-gate is a program of illusion, based in fear, and this program has gone viral across the world.

The Lifeline Technique® offers a pathway out of this program of fear and a return to the true reality of love, guidance and unfailing supply of all that we need to thrive in this world. As the tools of the Lifeline Technique® are implemented regularly, the subconscious mind’s search for danger begins to subside and a faith in love is gradually reinstalled. The subconscious mind relaxes and begins to see the world again through a lens of love.

As this shift in perception takes hold, the reality that we experience aligns more with the Divine Mind’s original perfection and truth, that which is unchangeable, making way for the creation of Heaven on Earth.

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Certified Soul Coach® Ursula Laughton

About Ursula Laughton

Ursula Laughton is a Soul Coach® and Lifeline Technique Practitioner®. She has dedicated her life to listening to the messages of the Divine Mind and sharing these messages. Her intention is to inspire others to live the truth of who they are. Ursula is a grounded individual who has the ability to discern between truth and illusion. With the help of the Divine Mind she has been able to discover and understand the nature of truth and the consequence it has on the reality in which we live and experience.