One with the intelligence of the universe

In Divine Mind

Words of Wisdom

Words are a powerful energetic force. Every word we speak has an energetic frequency for the creation of things. The words of the Divine Mind are intended to inspire, empower, open hearts and unite. Every word is heard and energetically expressed. Choose your words wisely.

About Ursula Laughton

Ursula Laughton is a Soul Coach® and Lifeline Technique Practitioner®. She has dedicated her life to listening to the messages of the Divine Mind and sharing these messages. Her intention is to inspire others to live the truth of who they are. Ursula is a grounded individual who’s aim is to discern between truth and illusion. With the help of the Divine Mind she has been able to discover and understand the nature of truth and the consequence it has on the reality in which we live and experience.

Don’t change the world, change yourself!

Most people have an idea or an opinion about how the world should change. Many are inspired to be the change maker. What happens when many of these same people are full of self-doubt, or struggle to feel that they fit into the world? Perhaps they feel angry at the world for the mistreatment or misfortune that they have experienced? The fact is, nothing changes!

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