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In Divine Mind
Understanding the intelligence of the Universe


We trust you will find what you are needing here at In Divine Mind. 

Our coaches are here to guide and assist you on your journey we know as life. 

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Ursula Laughton

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Let’s Get Real written in 2015 with the purpose of creating an overview of the programmed system we have been born into and many will die out of, simply because they did not know what was real and what was not. There is so much we don’t know about the real world that we live in and this book does not presume to know all the answers, it is however a wake up call to begin the process out of the programmed way of life by asking important questions that perhaps you haven’t thought to ask.

Welcome to the first step to reclaiming your mind, your heart and most importantly your spirit.

Let's Get REAL

How marketed are you?

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Living Your BEST LIFE

A Game Changer

Living your Best Life is a handy little booklet for keeping you and your loved ones on track to living the best life. Life is what we make it - it really is, and this little book offers tools to make the most of your life and to benefit from the results of being focused and dedicated. When we look at the world right now we can feel hopeless and defeated so it is important to remember that when we are put into a state of discomfort we look for solutions to grow out of the manure that we feel stuck in. Just as a seedling has to break the outer shell of its casing and then keep looking for the light to break the surface of the soil, we too are in this state of breaking free and growing towards the light. When we have tools to keep us focused on the task at hand we enjoy the process rather than fighting the processes. When we reach the light it is truly magnificent, it doesn’t mean clouds won’t come over some days but it does mean that we will see more light and joy than we ever have before.

If you are a teacher, parent, counsellor, a team coach and would like printed copies of the booklet please email


Who We Are

In Divine Mind,  strives to inspire an awareness of the power that innately resides within each of us.  Every Human Being on earth is sewn into the fabric of the great Divine and the Intelligence that is forever committed to the original perfection of this fabric is the Divine Mind.

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Our team of coaches are committed to helping you, click below to find a coach for you.

Life coaching

Different Coaches for Your Different Needs... 

The Practitioners listed on this website come highly recommended and are all open hearted, dedicated and genuinely wish to support you on the path to living your best life. Read through their profiles and make contact with the coach you feel would be your best fit. If you are unsure please email and she will assist you to connect with the coach that most suits your needs.

Creative Expression

The Divine Intelligence speaks through our creations. Be inspired and share.

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